CBME Pharmacology Skills OSPE Practical DOAP 1st/2021

As per Recommendations of UG Curriculum, Vol 1, 2018, MCI

  • Suyog Sindhu
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  • Paras Medical Books Pvt Ltd
  • 1st
  • 2021
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Key Features:

  • This book covers the competencies falling under "small group teaching" which include mode of teaching as Practicals, OSPE, DOAP, Skills as per recommendations of MCI.
  • The competencies have been discussed fully in accordance to UG Curriculum Vol. 1 MCI, 2018.
  • To justify the concept of taking DOAP, Skills and OSPE sessions validated checklists have been included in the book.
  • Relevant pictures of drug dosage forms, drug pharmacopoeia and formulary along with ADR forms have been added to give a better understanding to students.
  • Elaborate examples to teach filling an ADR form have been included.
  • Efforts have been made to explain the drug calculations by giving good number of solved examples.
  • Through literature regarding drug prescriptions is available, this book is unique in giving ample number of examples of writing prescriptions and also for prescription auditing.
  • the new curriculum has introduced Communication topics for the first time. sincere attempt has been made to guide the faculty and students about how to deal with these topics.
  • At the end of competencies, Assessment section has been added along with expected answer.

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Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars


Dr. Savita Chaudhary  On  04/02/2021

This is a very clear and well written book for students. The clarity of material and smooth coverage of various topics shows the author's grip on the subject. A must have for students and pharmacology teachers. Congrats to Paras for coming out with this book.

Dr. Chetna Desai, Professor, BJ Medical College, Ahmedabad  On  04/03/2021

CBME Pharmacology is a very concise and crisp book that guides the reader and learner through the different topics that are a part of CBME curriculum envisaged by the NMC for the undergraduate pharmacology course. As faculty across the country gear up for the changes with enthusiasm, this book is a potential guide for them and students alike. Each competency is detailed at the beginning of a chapter, including the skill, level, teaching, learning and assessment method. Specific competencies, learning objectives, teaching and assessment methods to impart the requisite skills along with their clinical relevance have been presented in a meticulous and lucid manner. The author has made generous use of case scenarios, check lists, illustrations and assignments. I am confident that faculty and medical students will find this book valuable to their learning needs.

Dr.Padmaja Udaykumar, HOD, Father Muller Medical College  On  05/03/2021

CBME Pharmacology by Dr. Suyog Sindhu is a great effort by an young author. The book ciovers all the competencies of practical pharmacology to be taught as small group discussion/teaching.The pictures make it more appealing. The matter is ‘to the point’ and the checklist is excellent. The size of the book gives an impression of ‘doable’ for the students. The book is brought out at the right time when the CBME batch is about to start their 2nd year. It will be useful to both the students and the faculty implementing the new CBME curriculum.

Dr. Sandeep Kaushal, HOD Dayanand Medical College, Ludhiana  On  08/03/2021

I congratulate Dr. Suyog Sindhu for bringing out a precise as well as concise book covering all practical competencies recommended by NMC in its latest curriculum. It was published well in time before the students entered Phase II of MBBS. The illustrations and images are apt and chosen well to convey the suitable examples. The quality of printing paper is very good and the book is truly cost-effective. Best wishes to the author, publishers as well as students for better learning.

Prof. Mohammad Nasiruddin, Ex Chairman, JN Med. College, Aligarh  On  08/03/2021

Your book is as per the latest recommendation of CBME system for teaching Pharmacology to young budding undergraduates. This book seems a very useful guide for the teacher as well as the students to carry the Pharmacology practicals. You have presented the best possible way to carry out the practicals. The vocabulary is easy to understand and the learning objectives are concise and clear. You have also covered the communication skill part which makes this book different from others. I wish you great success for all your future endeavours.

Syed Ziaur Rahman, Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College  On  10/03/2021

It’s my privilege to write a review on a very interesting and recent book written by Dr. Suyog Sindhu, who is an active faculty member at the Department of Pharmacology, KGMU, Lucknow. The title of the book is CBME Pharmacology Skills OSPE Practical DOAP, which is written in the light of the latest recommendations of undergraduate competency-based medical curriculum 2018 by Medical Council of India (National Medical Commission, New Delhi) and published by Paras Medical Books, New Delhi. Dr. Suyog Sindhu has attempted to provide a full range of practical exercises falling under small group teaching as per the new pharmacology skill-based competencies along with cognitive domain and level of assessment. These practical exercises have become easier to understand by all the students as all exercises are supported by checklist, relevant illustrations and case studies. Students after reading this book can easily demonstrate, observe, assist and perform among small group self-directed learning. With this book, even teachers can easily decide teaching-learning and assessment method for each practical exercise. Learning objectives and review questions would help to fulfill the need for the final examination. The outline design of the book is very attractive. Both students and teachers can grasp the concept of all chapters as overall view and presentation of each chapter is written with nice flow and in a systematic way. Moreover, the book is written in a simple language which further makes the book easily readable. Colours used in diagrams and illustrations are catchy that also explain the text matter in a better way. The extra edge in this book which I feel to mention here is that, the author covered the entire syllabus along with other competencies such as PH 5.1 to 5.6, which have not been covered by other authors in the practical books available in the market. The overall rating of the book is excellent.

Dr. Pinaki Chakravarty, HOD, Tezpur Medical College, Assam   On  11/03/2021

Congratulations on your endeavour. Hope you are well and having a good time. Thanks for the copy of the book on Pharmacology skills. Salient features of the book are your check lists which is essential for the budding doctors to inculcate from the beginning. Enough photos are visible which will help the learners. Pharmacovigilance chapters are well explained. Questions and answers at the end of the chapters are helpful. References are mentioned in between which makes it more authentic. Book paper quality and print is praiseworthy. I have already recommended the book in my college. Hope you continue to enjoy authoring more textbooks and more accolades.

Dr. Anant Patil, Dr DY Patil Medical College, Navi Mumbai  On  12/03/2021

The book CBME Pharmacology written by Dr Suyog Sindhu is an excellent resource for chartering the path of newly designed curriculum for undergraduate students. Author has excellently covered competencies for small group teaching. The methods for practicals, OSPE, DOAP and skills necessary for students are explained very well. Relevant pictures, examples and checklists have made this book very easy and reader friendly. I wish to congratulate author for her hard work to guide students and faculty on the new curriculum. I am sure this resource is going to be really useful for all of us

Dr. Shiva Murthy Nanjundappa, CDSIMER, Bengaluru  On  13/03/2021

Good attempt. Brief overview suggests, good book with practical orientation. Nicely used pictures. Point-wise presentation I liked. For quick help this book is handy. Best wishes”

Dr. Nitin Kothari, Associate Professor, Dungarpur, Rajasthan  On  15/03/2021

We all faculty at Medical College Dungarpur, Rajasthan decided to recommend CBME Pharmacology by Dr. Suyog Sindhu to students for practicals. It is nicely written book with special emphasis on the new curriculum. It explains AETCOM topics very well in which we are not trained in our MD period. I recommend to all subject experts to please go through the book at least once. You might not need to search for the another book after that

Dr.Nirmala Rege, Professor, Era’s Lucknow Medical College  On  02/03/2021

I was eager to read the recently published book related to Pharmacology CBME curriculum, “CBME Pharmacology: Skills OSPE Practical DOAP” by Dr. Suyog Sindhu. The title itself caught my attention. There is a dearth of books which address to the skill learning in Pharmacology. While teaching the subject of Pharmacology, lot of emphasis is on knowledge rather than skills. Now CBME has given us the opportunity to teach and sharpen the skills related to pharmacology and pharmacotherapy. However, many of the faculty members are in need of some guidance till they themselves get tuned to the new teaching- learning and assessment methods. This book is therefore a timely release and will do the hand holding of teachers and students. When I read it, it did not disappoint me at all! On the contrary, I shall be happy using it while planning my sessions and also strongly recommend it to others. Each Chapter is written in simple yet lucid language, which is easy to understand. The chapters explain important definitions and concepts, provide information supplemented with figures for easy remembering, list commonly used abbreviations and provide checklists (for dosage forms, route of administration, procedure like setting up of drip, prescription writing, communication, prescription appraisal etc.). Wherever appropriate material needed are also listed, which will help teachers to do prior preparation for such T-L experiences. Tips have been provided for small group teaching and role plays. Case scenarios are well narrated for writing prescriptions and for communicating drug use or cost of therapy to patients. I congratulate Dr. Suyog Sindhu who has conceived the idea of writing such book and has painstakingly reached the target when CBME course for 2nd MBBS students has just started. This is a right time to have this right book to do right things to accomplish the right cause

R. Raveendran, Professor of Pharmacology, JIPMER, Pondicherry  On  01/03/2021

The book 'CBME Pharmacology' has a wealth of practical information undergraduate medical students ought to know in order to practice medicine the way a physician should. In fact, keeping a copy of the book and revising it would come handy when they start prescribing. For teachers, the book would be very useful to design practical exercises to impart knowledge and enable the students to acquire skills as per the CBME curriculum prescribed by the Medical Council of India”

Dr.T.N.Kumar MBBS.,M.D, Bangalore  On  18/07/2021

Very useful , latest edition books as per new CBME Syllabus . As I am a professor in Pharmacology , they are very useful to me . Because of Indian edition , I can now afford the book .

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