Neonatal Emergencies 1st/2017

Author : Meharban Singh
Edition : 1st
Year : 2017
Pages : 412
ISBN : 9789386478368
Publisher : CBS Publishers & Distributors
Product Type : Paper Back
Condition : New
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  1. Harmonious blend of physiological basis of neonatal emergencies with current state-of-the-art information pertaining to their assessment, diagnosis and rational management through a simplified algorithmic approach.
  2. Covers all aspects of neonatal emergencies including organization of a neonatal intensive care unit, role of specially trained nurses, transport of sick neonates, emergency procedures, therapeutic interventions, ethical issues, and follow-up of NICU graduates.
  3. The commonly encountered life-threatening symptoms and signs like hypoxia, cyanosis, crying, dehydration and electrolyte disorders, hypothermia, hyperthermia, anemia/polycythemia, respiratory distress, jaundice, bleeding, shock, etc. have been discussed with the help of algorithms.
  4. Supportive and specific management of critically sick neonates with life-threatening disorders involving every body system and organ have been discussed in detail.
  5. A large number of tables, diagrams, photographs, flowcharts and practical tips has been provided to make it more reader-friendly and comprehensive.
  6. The distinctive feature and hallmark of the book is the brevity, clarity and problem-oriented approach.

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