Essentials Of Clinical Cardiology 1st/2017

Author : Aditya Udupa K
Edition : 1st
Year : 2017
Pages : 366
ISBN : 9789383124862
Publisher : Paras Medical Books Pvt Ltd
Product Type : Paper Back
Condition : New
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  1. One stop book for everything related to clinical cardiology and cardiac examination.
  2. All the components of clinical cardiology, like valvular heart disease, congenital heart disease, cardiac examination, ECG, chest x-ray, 2-D echo are found at one place.
  3. Useful for UGs, PGs, PG aspirants, to become thorough with the subject and those practicing cardiology, to brush up on clinics.
  4. The management of the patient is given according to all the randomized control trials and recommendations of ACC/ AHA and ESC guidelines.
  5. Emphasis is given on diagnosis and management of common cardiac conditions.
  6. Book is in two sections. Section A – Bed side Assessment is on bedside examination, technique of examination, bedside investigations and Section B – Brain Assessment focuses on particular clinical condition and what to look for.
  7. Figures and tables are provided wherever required to support the text matter.
  8. From my UG times. I always had difficulty in finding all the components of clinical cardiology, like valvular heart disease, congenital heard disease, cardiac examination, ECG, chest X-ray, 2-D ECHO in one place. As I studied further, I still noticed unmet need from that perspective. This book is primarily written for the above mentioned reason and while writing this book I kept in mind UGs, PGs, those preparing for DM cardiology entrance, those who are facing cardiology exams and those who practice cardiology. The beauty of this book is that it will be a one stop book for anything related to clinical cardiology and cardiac examination. This book is divided into 2 sections, the first part is on bed side examination, technique of examination, bed side investigations, while the other part focuses on particular clinical conditions and what to look in them.

As in harmony with my previous books, Cardiology Made Easy, MCQs in Cardiology, A Quick Review of Clinical Trials in Cardiology, this book, “Essentials of Clinical Cardiology” tries to solve the problem of different materials in clinical cardiology by covering everything, from A to Z in clinical cardiology. I hope that like my other three books, this book also helps to practice cardiology in a better way.

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