Handbook of pediatric urology 3rd/2018

South Asian Edition

Author : Laurence baskin , Barry kogan , Jeffery Stock
Edition : 3rd
Year : 2018
Pages : 330
ISBN : 9789387963337
Publisher : Wolters Kluwer
Product Type : Paper Back
Condition : New
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The third edition of the Handbook of Pediatric Urology helps you better understand the diagnosis and treatment of all major urologic disorders and conditions in infants, children and adolescents. A new third editor, Dr. Jeffery A. Stock—Director of Pediatric Urology at Kravis Children's Hospital, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York—and over 25 contributors provide thorough, concise coverage of the entire field, making this quick-reference ideal for bedside use as well as deep-dive research.
New chapters cover robotics, pediatric and adolescent gynecology and sexually transmitted diseases in adolescence.
Updated with new content on robotic surgery, ultrasound, congenital anomalies, reflux, urinary tract infection and other disorders.
Each disease- or condition-specific chapter is structured similarly, addressing genetics, treatment options (including surgery), post-treatment care and other key topics.
EBook features case studies—with explanations—and patient education material.
Serves as a handy quick-reference for commonly used medications—including dosing, valuing and formulae.
Perfect for a range of readers: pediatric urologists, urology residents, medical students, residents, nurses and physician assistants. 
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