Preclinical Manual of Prosthodontics 3rd/2018

Author : S Lakshmi
Edition : 3rd
Year : 2018
Pages : 322
ISBN : 9788131253410
Publisher : Elsevier - Saunders, Mosby, Churchill
Product Type : Paper Back
Condition : New
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Price: `570.00 `695.00
In Store : Monday 06th August 2018

The third edition of Preclinical Manual of Prosthodontics is revised and updated with more preclinical exercises as well as instruments and materials in the same format of step-by-step illustrations of the various laboratory exercises, which students have to learn and perform in their 2nd Year BDS course for the preclinical prosthodontics examination. This is the only book of its kind that would serve as a guide for learning as well as practicing the exercises on their model in the class.

New to this edition

  • More instruments and materials added
  • New exercises: (i) Beading and boxing of maxillary and mandibular edentulous impressions, (ii) Making of the primary cast with a base from primary edentulous impressions (iii) All ceramics crown preparation for mandibular first molar tooth

Additional Features

  • Complimentary access to full e-book
  • Procedural videos

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