Complete Review of Pediatrics for NBE 1st/2018

Author : Deepak Marwah , Singaram A
Edition : 1st
Year : 2018
Pages : 536
ISBN : 9789387964761
Publisher : CBS Publishers & Distributors
Product Type : Paper Back
Condition : New
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Salient Features

  1. Fully revised and updated theoretical concepts.
  2. Covered highest number of IBQs.
  3. Special emphasis is given on the topics asked in recent exams.
  4. "Recent Advances" added wherever relevant to keep you updated with latest advancements
  5. Extra edge boxes added to highlight the facts that are essential to remember and focus
  6. Differentiating tables added at various places to help you in remembering the concepts completely
  7. Most important points are marked with "Q" for rapid revision before exams.
  8. Dedicated facebook group "Dr Singaram CROP Conceptual Review of Pediatrics– for clarification of doubts/questions and updates directly with the authors.
  9. Mnemonics have been included wherever relevant
  10. Revised Immunization Schedule (2017) with incorporation of vaccination guidelines from Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) with salient points about individual vaccines included
  11. MCQs updated till the Most Recent Exams (May 2018)
  12. Many new figures and images added to substantiate the written concepts
  13. Completely revised and updated theory according to the recent trends of the examinations.
  14. Easy to remember Charts/Tables/Mnemonics added in every chapter
  15. New theory section on "Pediatric Infectious Diseases" added
  16. Controversial topics/questions discussed with references from standard textbooks.

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