Manual of Clinical & Practical Medicine 2nd/2018

Author : GS Sainani , Rajesh G Sainani
Edition : 2nd
Year : 2018
Pages : 828
ISBN : 9789352701278
Publisher : Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd
Product Type : Paper Back
Condition : New
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  • This manual describes initially bedside clinical methods in each chapter followed by clinical cases in each chapter; total 285 cases (long, short and spot) which are invariably kept in the practical examination. These cases are described with illustrations followed by viva voce in each case.
  • In short, this book should be a key and core companion to the students (undergraduates, postgraduates) during practical examination and it should also be useful as a ready reckoner to the family physicians, even junior consultants.
  • For practical examination, students need not to read any other book as this book gives more than enough clinical and practical material for undergraduates and postgraduates to go successfully through the practical examination.
  • The basics of electrocardiography (PQRST) are discussed in details followed by Quiz ECGs (25), and complexes ECGs with interpretation (20) that help students to answer ECG spots.
  • It contains X-rays (chest, bones, joints, and barium studies), important ultrasonography images, CT scan and MRI images, PET CT and modern medicine images (total 121) to help students answer spots on images.
  • Important procedures with instruments are discussed which are asked in practical examination as spots.
  • Chapter on Diet contains description of different diseases and caloric values of different preparations.
  • 300 questions with answers are discussed which will help students to face any question during the table viva voce.
  • The chapter on Emergencies is of immense importance usually asked viva voce questions on emergencies.
  • Two new chapters on nutrition and infectious diseases have been added.
  • Manual is supplemented with 714 illustrations, 112 boxes and 73 tables.

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