Practical Record/Cumulative Record 5th/2018

for Basic BSc (Nursing) Course

Author : I Clement
Edition : 5th
Year : 2018
Pages : 78
ISBN : 9789352705207
Publisher : Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd
Product Type : Hard Cover
Condition : New
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  • Prepared as per revised Indian Nursing Council syllabus.
  • Third year curriculum OBG requirements combined with fourth year.
  • Current issues and changes are included.
  • Helpful in monitoring and assessing students’ clinical performances.
  • Teachers guide the students to perform the nursing skill confidently.
  • Helps the teachers to mold their practice.
  • Helps to integrate theory into practice.
  • Trained students for systematic learning of clinical skills and also provide quality care to the patients.
  • Covers all the specialty areas prescribed by the curriculum.
  • Procedures are organized year-wise.
  • Helps students to obtain confidence for university practical examinations

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