My PGMEE Notes 1st/2018

Author : Hemant Gajendra , Puja Singh
Edition : 1st
Year : 2018
Pages : 830
ISBN : 9789387964716
Publisher : CBS Publishers & Distributors
Product Type : Paper Back
Condition : New
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Salient Features

First of its kind when the book is not written by th e senior authors but by the student who is in the race of PGMEE competition. Being the student ourselves, we have observed that giving sleepless nights to textbooks, class notes and question-based books, studying the whole year but failing to compile and revise everything in the final lap was the most common regret that students have.

We came up with an idea during our own preparations to compile the maximum possible important facts and data, along with necessary diagrams, mnemonics and Photographs together at one place in the most concise and simplified way and this idea came into reality by completing this herculean task which ended with a fruit in your hand- " My PGMEE Notes”

In these Notes we are using inclusive target oriented approach base d on the new exam patterns that we have experienced in the last few years. The Notes itself defies “Jack of all trades and master of SOME”.  It is like “SEA IN A POT”.

·         It contains:

·         All the important topics of 19 Subjects of MBBS

·         Perfect illustrations, diagrams and clinical photographs wherever necessary

·         Important T ables from Authentic Textbooks and journals

·         Most Recent updates from latest Textbooks,  Journals and Important  Website

·         Mnemonics for various topics for a quick recall of the topics when needed

·         Content Reviewed by Various PG Aspirants from PAN India Medical Colleges & Subject Experts. 

·         Each page in the Notes is provided with a â8 0œSpace for Extra Points”.  In that space students can add their extra points which they feel are important for that particular topic. This way at the end, the Notes will have everything at one place perfectly tailored for you. 

How to make the best out of this Notes?

To make the best out of this Notes, make a schedule to complete this notes by studying it for a specific number of hours/day (like 1–2 hours/day) or a specific number of pages per day (like 20–30 pages/day), complete it, add the Special Points, Revise and Re-revise.

For example:

Make a cycle of 40 days, try to complete this notes in 40 days (studying 20 pages/day). The way Notes  has been represented it will take hardly 2 hours for you to complete your 20-page quota of the day. As soon as your one cycle is over start with another cycle which may be shorter this time (say 32 days with 25 pages/day). With this plan, till your exams knock your door you would have already revised the Notes "n" number of times and then re-revise these Notes in the last week before the exam. This is sort of "must follow step" for you.

To make this Notes more fruitful, optimize it according to your needs by adding the extra points/newer updates in the space provided below e ach page in respective topics and make it a complete package for your last month preparation.


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