Paediatric Clinical Examination 5th/2018

Author : A. Santhosh Kumar
Edition : 5th
Year : 2018
Pages : 610
ISBN : 9788181914941
Publisher : Paras Medical Publishers
Product Type : Paper Back
Condition : New
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A comprehensive text on Paediatric Clinical Examination covering all the major  sections including history taking, symptom analysis, general examination, systemic examination, differential diagnosis and management discussions.

-   To be useful for all levels of students, the book discusses basic information for the  beginners and advanced information for the postgraduates.

-   It contains illustrated examples of methods of physical examination, which makes  mastering these techniques easier.

-   Updated & extremely organized in a point-wise manner for better understanding with  minimum effort

-   Examination of CVS and CNS are organized into two chapters each, the second part of  each being specially created for the postgraduate students.

-   Various clinical cases that figure in university examinations are illustrated in case  sheet formats to help students organize the cases systematically for presentation before the examiners.

-   The section on short cases and spotters covers all the common and rare clinical  entities, each with clinical photographs to reinforce the visual memory.

-   The section on X-rays and CT illustrates all the clinically relevant common and rare  images that a post- graduate student is required to be familiar with

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