Conceptual Review of Pharmacology 3rd/2018

Author : Ranjan Kumar
Edition : 3rd
Year : 2018
Pages : 670
ISBN : 9789386827548
Publisher : CBS Publishers & Distributors
Product Type : Paper Back
Condition : New
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Salient Features

  • A never before fun and learn approach to study a bland subject like pharmacology. The book retains the same flavor in studying the subject as the author's classes.
  • The content has been thoroughly revised and updated as per the recent develop ments.
  • The cardiovascular drugs section has been updated with recent ACC/AHA Guidelines 2017 on CHF and Hypolipidemics.
  • An integrated approach of understanding has been followed in the book with Conceptual Boxes highlighting the interrelation of Pharmacology with other clinical and nonclinical subjects.
  • Further details related to drugs have been summarized in Clinical Boxes.
  • All chapters now contain Classifications of various drug classes to strengthen the basic understanding of the readers.
  • Antimalarial, Antileprosy and Anti-HIV vaccines have also been discussed.
  • A detailed chart on Autonomic Nervous System Drugs has been included with this edition to help the readers r evise it.

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