Washington Manual of Emergency Medicine 1st/2018

South Asian Edition

Author : Mark D. levine , W. scott Gilmore
Edition : 1st
Year : 2018
Pages : 668
ISBN : 9789387506275
Publisher : Wolters Kluwer
Product Type : Paper Back
Condition : New
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Each high-quality volume in the esteemed Washington Manual series brings together contributions from faculty and residents at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. The Washington Manual of Emergency Medicine, the latest addition to the series, focuses on practical content on how physicians actually practice emergency care. Comprehensive and concise, it also acts as a handy quick-reference, delivering need-to-know information at your fingertips, even in point-of-care situations.

Key Features:

  • Goes beyond the scope of a traditional emergency medicine reference to address topics such as interactions, treatments, and patient stabilization.
  • Organized into practice-facing sections focusing on content for emergency medicine professionals.
  • Ideal for students and residents in emergency departments, emergency medicine physicians, and advanced practice nurses and physician assistants
  • Each chapter follows a templated structure so you can uncover information quickly and apply it to a care situation effectively.
  • Covers issues appropriate 

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