Guidelines in Fracture Management Nonunion in Long Bones II 1st/2016

Author : Babhulkar
Edition : 1st
Year : 2016
Pages : 534
ISBN : 9789385062742
Publisher : Thieme Medical Publishers
Product Type : Hard Cover
Condition : New
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Guidelines in Fracture Management—Nonunion of Long Bones II is the second of a set of two volumes in thisseries which are dedicated to explaining this kind of fracture. Nonunion of long bones is a very challengingorthopaedic problem, especially the infected nonunion. Further, India, with its huge population and high rateof road traffic accidents, presents an increased challenge due to the remarkably high incidence of such cases.This volume primarilyexplains the diagnosis and treatment modalities of specific types of nonunion cases and has a more focusedcoverage. Key Features: Contributions by Indian trauma experts who have extensive experience (due to high incidence of nonunioncases) in treating not only cases of delayed presentation of complex trauma but also of difficult nonunion. Latest and practical treatment methods described. High quality clinical photographs depicting preoperative to postoperative stages of nonunion. Good quality radiographs, MRI, and CT scans supported with line drawings for better explanation andunderstanding of the subject. Useful tips and tricks explained which would be valuable to young as well as experienced practitionerswhen faced with difficult situations.

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