50 Ophthalmic Case Studies 1st/2017

Clinical Features and Management

Author : Sanjeev Agarwal
Edition : 1st
Year : 2017
Pages : 160
ISBN : 9789386827913
Publisher : CBS Publishers & Distributors
Product Type : Paper Back
Condition : New
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The text of this book has been presented in three parts to differentiate uncommon, common and spot diagnostic cases so that it becomes easy to study, imbibe and reproduce in theory and practical examinations.

Chapters 1–20 Specific Uncommon Symptomatic Cases, practically addressed as ‘Long Cases’, to assess the practical capability in postgraduate practical examinations. These cover up mainly cranial, orbital and paranasal sinus lesions such as chiasmal lesions, ophthalmoplegia, nerve paralysis, carotidcavernous lesions, orbital trauma and hemorrhage cysts and tumor, paranasal sinuses and nasopharyngeal lesions. Chapter 20 deals with most recent innovative regenerative ophthalmology with
stem cell therapy for ophthalmic maladies like optic atrophy, age-related macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, corneal opacity and corneal degeneration/atrophy in which the patient leads a vegetative life and is considered to be a burden on the family and society. Stem cell regenerative therapy helps in these cases to regain vision to an extent that they can lead the life without being burden on the family or the society.

Chapters 20–40 Specific Uncommon Symptomatic Cases, practically addressed as ‘Short Cases’, to assess the practical capability in undergraduate practical examinations. These cover over 80% of the common maladies of eye that can be easily handled by residents/postgraduate students and junior faculty in out-patient clinic.

Chapters 40–50 Specific Uncommon Symptomatic Caseshave common congenital anomaly. As these cases have typical symptoms, the clinician can diagnose with one glance at the patient, his face and eyes. 

This book will serve as a handy text | reference for undergraduate and postgraduate students and as a ready-reckoner for ophthalmologists in practice as well as the young faculty engaged in teaching case studies.

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