Handbook of Eczema for Dermatologists 2nd/2018

Author : Kabir Sardana , Ananta Khurana , Seema Rani
Edition : 2nd
Year : 2018
Pages : 270
ISBN : 9789387085947
Publisher : CBS Publishers & Distributors
Product Type : Hard Cover
Condition : New
Availability: In Stock
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This is the first book on eczema written primarily for the practising dermatologist and gives therapeutic intervention in a tabular form for easy reference. Wherever possible therapeutic intervention are listed as first, second line and third line options. The book also covers contact dermatitis in detail with a special chapter on regional differential diagnosis of contact dermatitis. The contributors are largely those who have worked in this field extensively. The book has more than 140 images with a special focus on novel drugs for atopic dermatitis.

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