Comprehensive Cytopathology 4th/2014

Author : Marluce Bibbo , David Wilbur
Edition : 4th
Year : 2014
Pages : 976
ISBN : 9781455751952
Publisher : Elsevier - Saunders, Mosby, Churchill
Product Type : Hard Cover
Condition : New
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In the newly updated edition of Comprehensive Cytopathology, a team of international experts provides criteria and techniques in diagnosis, testing, and new insights in cytology. This accessible guide to diagnostic investigation and screening is ideal for daily laboratory use, taking a systematic approach to helping you understand major diagnostic criteria as well as the pitfalls and limitations of cytology.

"This high-quality book would be an excellent addition to the library of any physician with an interest in cytopathology. It compares well with others in the field and stands out due to the image quality, the virtual slides, and the thorough discussion of cytopathology from specimen preparation to diagnostic issues. This edition addresses updated classification schemes including the Bethesda System for Reporting Thyroid Cytopathology and includes a discussion on digital pathology."-Natalie M Webster, MD(University of Kansas Medical Center) Doody Review: 4 stars.

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