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Art and Science of Baby and Child Care 4th/2015

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Art and Science of Baby and Child Care 4th/2015
A Comprehensive Book on Parenting

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  • Author : Meharban Singh
  • ISBN : 9788123925004
  • Publisher : CBS Publishers & Distributors
  • Edition : 4th
  • Year : 2015
  • Pages : 403
  • Product Type : Paper Back
  • Condition : New
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The book has been extensively revised and is replete with useful up-to-date information and practical tips regarding child care from conception through adolescence and is based on an hormonious blend of science and art of mothercraft. A new chapter on care of preterm and low birth weight baby has been included. It provides scientifically sound and professionally tested culture-specific information regarding the variations in growth and development of normal children and highlights early markers of deviations and common health problems of children. The common developmental challenges which greatly upset and confuse the parents have been dealt in great depth. Home management of common diseases of children and first aid of household accidents and poisonings have been covered in detail. The importance of personal hygiene, healthy and clean environment, balanced nutrition, prevention of diseases by vaccinations, promotion of physical, mental and emotional health of children by sound principles of healthy lifestyle have been discussed at length. The book has been written in a simple, easy-to-understand language and is provided with a glossary of medical terms and conditions. A large number of tables, photographs, practical tips and quotations have been included. A complete updated list of organizations and associations for the benefit of challenged children is provided. The book is intended to serve as a comprehensive manual on parenting to young parents and would-be-parents not only in India but also in South-East Asia region because of social, cultural, economic and ecologic similarities.

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