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Recent Advances in Obstetrics & Gynecology 1st/2021

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Recent Advances in Obstetrics & Gynecology 1st/2021

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  • Author : Aruna Nigam, Alka Kriplani
  • ISBN : 9789390616008
  • Publisher : Evangel
  • Edition : 1st
  • Year : 2021
  • Pages : 420
  • Product Type : Paper Back
  • Condition : New
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This book contains chapters related to the recent advances in obstetrics and gynecology and has been divided into five sections, i.e.., General Obstetrics, Obstetric Medicine, General Gynecology, Oncology, and Infertility. The theoretical and the practical aspects have been carefully depicted with the help of flowcharts, line diagrams, and images for easy understanding. Obstetrics section has covered the current need topics, i.e., update on antenatal care, effect of vaginal microbiome on pregnancy outcome, obstetric triage, etc. Finer nuances in the management of FGR, preeclampsia screening, and noninvasive prenatal testing, which always perplex the obstetrician, have been elucidated very nicely.

Gynecology section has coverage of all-important recent topics with separate dedicated sections for infertility and oncology. Besides highlighting on the current guidelines on adolescent PCOS, endometriosis, and fibroid management, three important topics Transgender health, Cosmetic gynecology, and Intimate partner violence have been covered to which most of the gynecologists are ignorant. Oncology section specially covers the topics which can be done at the level of general gynecologists along with special emphasis on ERAS protocol. Infertility section has included advances In stimulation protocols, various aspects of use of platelet rich plasma, preimplantation genetic testing. Latest guidelines and evidences have been taken into consideration during penning down the chapters to make this book complete and up to date.

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