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Short and OSCE Cases in Internal Medicine 2nd/2021

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Short and OSCE Cases in Internal Medicine 2nd/2021
Clinical Exams for PACES, MRCPI, Arab Board and Similar Exams

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  • Author : Wanis H Ibrahim
  • ISBN : 9781787791244
  • Publisher : Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers
  • Edition : 2nd
  • Year : 2020
  • Pages : 302
  • Product Type : Paper Back
  • Condition : New

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  • A comprehensive and up-to-date book from the examiner's perspective intended to help postgraduate and undergraduate candidates pass their clinical exams.
  • The first edition of the book was very well-received and was a resounding success. The book has gained wide popularity among international candidates, particularly those preparing for MRCP (UK) PACES, MRCPI, Arab Board, and other clinical exams that use the OSCE format.
  • The second edition keeps the same basic theme of conversational style of the book (an examiner asks a question and a candidate provides the typical answer), which recreates the conditions encountered in the real clinical exams.
  • The approach to each case in the book has been standardised into a unified format that includes the common examiner's instructions, the common mistakes (pitfalls) committed by candidates and the typical style of presentation of findings. This is followed by a succinct summary of diagnosis, differential diagnosis, management, and further information usually required in clinical exams.
  • Particular emphasis has been placed on a highly professional approach to the case, a competent and relevant examination technique according to examiner's instruction, and a concise, professional presentation. This is followed by the questions that are commonly asked by the examiners on each case along with their standard answers, encompassing all aspects of the case.
  • A ""how to examine"" paragraph precedes each case in this book, which emphasises and explains the most competent and professional manner of examination for that case.
  • A paragraph containing the important rules/clues for each case has been added and updated to help candidates understand common practical facts about that case.
  • The list of cases has been expanded to include cases recently encountered by candidates in international clinical exams.
  • All the sections have been thoroughly reviewed and updated based on new information and advancements in the medical field since the publication of the first edition.
  • A section entitled ""how to prepare for and pass your clinical exams"" has been added to explain important practical tips that help candidates plan and prepare for their clinical exams.
  • The number of photos and illustrations has been expanded in this edition to include about 150 photos to improve the candidate's visual learning experience.
  • Considering how a candidate's working memory is negatively affected by examination-provoked stress, some mnemonics to help recall long lists have been included in various pages of the book.
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