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Art of Laparoscopic Surgery 2nd/2020 (4 Vols. Set)

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Art of Laparoscopic Surgery 2nd/2020 (4 Vols. Set)
Textbook & Atlas

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  • Author : C Palanivelu
  • ISBN : 9789352708451
  • Publisher : Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd
  • Edition : 2nd
  • Year : 2020
  • Pages : 1746
  • Volume(s) : 4
  • Product Type : Hard Cover
  • Condition : New
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The Art of Laparoscopic Surgery: Textbook and Atlas by C Palanivelu is the second edition of the book that discusses updated information pertaining to various minimal access surgeries. This edition of the book is divided into four distinct volumes as basic laparoscopic surgery, esophagogastric surgery, colorectal surgery and hepato-pancreato-biliary surgery. Each chapter in the book includes detailed operative description and images in the form of atlas. The book illustrates advanced laparoscopic techniques and step-by-step information of operative procedures. The book will assist in understanding current concepts of laparoscopic surgery and the technical details.
Key Features
• Thoroughly revised edition including requisite advanced laparoscopic techniques with step-by-step description of the operative procedure and adequate number of high quality intraoperative pictures. • The second edition has been divided into four volumes-Volumes 1: Basic Laparoscopic Surgery; Volume 2: Esophagogastric Surgery; Volume 3: Colorectal Surgery; and Volume 4: Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Surgery. • Volume 1 Basic Laparoscopic Surgery: It is compiled in such a way to provide a detailed description to give an overall view about the various basic aspects of laparoscopic surgery, the instrumentation, energy devices, training modules operation theater staff nurse training and laparoscopic operation setup. This volume will be helpful to various minimally invasive surgeons in all the fields like General surgeons, Gastrointestinal surgeons, Urology surgeons, Surgical oncologists and Gynecologists.

• Volume 2 Esophagogastric surgery: includes detailed description of the diseases of esophagus and stomach ranging from benign diseases to malignancies. Cancer esophagus and stomach particularly thoracoscopic esophagectomy in prone technique Ivor Lewis two stage esophagectomy and D2 radical gastrectomy have been described in detail.

• Volume 3 Colorectal surgery: include the detailed description of various minimally invasive colorectal procedures involving the most recent approaches described like minimally invasive inter sphincteric resection for low rectal malignancies. Colon Cancer including transverse colon and rectum, prolapse rectum, total proctocolectomy with ileoanal pouch anastomosis has been in details.

• Volume 4 Hepato-pancreato-biliary surgery: describes in detail all the minimally invasive hepatobiliary surgeries. Performing the World first laparoscopic Whipple’s operation have been described along with guidelines and selection for laparoscopic derived in the first international summit on laparoscopic pancreatic resection. Also a chapter on laparoscopic donor hepatectomy included in this book.

• This book has been well-accepted by the surgical fraternity and has also got translated into other languages like Spanish, Korean and Chinese.

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