Comprehensive Dermatopathology 1st/2018

Author : PVS Prasad , Janaki
Edition : 1st Edition
Year : 2018
Pages : 538
ISBN : 9789386480200
Publisher : Paras Medical Books Pvt Ltd
Product Type : Paper Back
Condition : New
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Key Features:

• A comprehensive version of Dermatopathology, useful to postgraduate students for examination preparation. 
• Contains only the necessary information.
• Useful for young practitioners as a ready reckoner.
• Covers all the chapters of Dermatopathology.
• More than 350 dermatological conditions with more than 300 clinical and 250 histological illustrations included.
• Provides clinical pictures on various diseases useful to pathologists to have a mental picture of clinical conditions when they report the slides.


          There are many Dermatopathology books available, to read and to refer. Most of these books are voluminous and describe many conditions, which are rarely encountered by clinicians and pathologists. Residents find it very difficult to read all these voluminous books on Dermatopathology. To overcome these practical difficulties, as a teacher for more than 35 years in the field of dermatology, we wanted to provide only necessary information for the board exams in dermatology. Our aim is also to provide basic information to the pathologists when they report dermatology slides.
          Having fixed our goal towards this, we again had discussed about the text forms. From our previous experience on a book on leprosy, where the residents provided a feedback that question and answers were very useful and practical, we tried a new method which comprises of only questions and answers. I hope that this venture will be appreciated by the readers.
          We have included 27 chapters to include the various common and not so common conditions. The list of diseases is obtained from a list of conditions presented to our dermatology department for the past three decades and from biopsy registers. Thus, we have included more than 350 dermatological conditions, with more than 300 clinical and 250 histological illustrations. Since we had used only our materials, there may be few shortcomings in omitting certain clinical or histological illustrations. We also have omitted clinical descriptions of various conditions as dermatologists have basic information from other textbooks on clinical dermatology. At the same time, we have included clinical pictures on various diseases which would be useful to pathologists to have a mental picture of clinical conditions when they report the slides.
          I have taken almost 18 months to complete the project with my team of dedicated staff of both Dermatology and Pathology departments. We are sure that this venture will attract readers, and we wish to bring future editions with more information on all aspects.
- PVS Prasad


1. Basics of Dermatopathology
2. Concepts of Granulomatous Inflammation
3. Cutaneous Tuberculosis
4. Leprosy
5. Bacterial Infections
6. Viral Infections
7. Fungal Infections
8. Tropical Dermatology
9. STDs
10. Dermatitis (Eczemas)
11. Vasculitis
12. Panniculitis
13. Papulosquamous Disorders
14. Perforating Dermatoses
15. Vesicobullous Diseases
16. Connective Tissue Diseases
17. Disorders of the Connective Tissue
18. Photodermatoses
19. Metabolic Disorders
20. Drug Eruptions
21. Diseases of the Hair
22. Disorders of Sebaceous Glands
23. Nail Disorders
24. Pigmentary Disorders
25. Genodermatoses
26. Cysts and Tumors of Skin
27. Histiocytosis
28. Histopathological Bodies and Appearances in Dermatology
Dermatopathology – University Model Questions

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