Gynaecology Evidence-Based Algorithms 1st/2017 (South Asia Edition)

Author : Jyotsna Pundir , Arri Coomarasamy
Edition : 1st 2017 South Asia Edition
Year : 2017
Pages : 310
ISBN : 9781108400916
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Product Type : Paper Back
Condition : New
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Clinical research has produced a continuous stream of evidence-based guidelines to guide practice in gynaecology. The guidelines are often widely scattered: this book brings together the essential guidelines in one comprehensive resource. The primary focus is on Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists and other UK national guidelines; however, many chapters contain a 'Guideline Comparator' box carrying information from important international guidelines. Where there are no UK guidelines, information based on international guidelines is provided; where any guidelines do not exist, available evidence and accepted norms of practice based on expert opinion are detailed. Several chapters also contain a 'what not to do' box, which should act as a source of rich debate! 
To assist those studying for postgraduate examinations such as MRCOG — the information is presented in schematic flowcharts, representing a step-by-step method of approaching clinical problems and providing an easy-to-use learning resource. 

Jyotsna Pundir is a Sub-Speciality Fellow in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery, St Bartholomew's Hospital, London, UK.

Arri Coomarasamy is Professor of Gynaecology, College of Medical and Dental Sciences, University of Birmingham; and Birmingham Women's Hospital Foundation Trust, Birmingham, UK. 


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