Obstetrics and Gynecology Made Easy 4th/2016

Author : Deevish N.D.
Edition : 4th Edition
Year : 2016
Pages : 696
ISBN : 9789383124930
Publisher : Paras Medical Books Pvt Ltd
Product Type : Paper Back
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Book at a glance:

  • Comprehensive Manual for aspirants
  • Easier to revise at the eleventh hour
  • All-in-one book for Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Book has been made reader-friendly

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It gives me great pleasure to write the preface of the fourth edition of my book “Obstetrics & Gynecology Made Easy”. The first edition has enjoyed immense popularity among final year students. The simplicity has made the book popular with students for a quick reading before exams. I have utilized the knowledge gained from various standard textbooks in preparing this book and I express my sincere gratitude to the authors.The fourth edition has each of its chapters re-edited carefully and revised as necessary. The credit of shaping this book into its present form is shared by many individuals. The book which made its debut with a spiral binding has finally made its way as a standard book. I thank Mr. Atul Kothari, Mr. Hitesh Kothari & the entire team of Paras Medical Books Pvt. Ltd. for the faith in my work and constant support and timely release of this edition.

Suggestions and constructive criticism towards improving this book in subsequent editions are always welcome. In conclusion, I would like to thank my readers for their overwhelming support and wish my new readers Best Wishes for the upcoming examinations.

Dr Deevish N D

Key Features:

  1. A complete comprehensive manual for aspirants of final year MBBS examination
  2. Format is similar to other standard textbooks, makes it easier to revise at the eleventh hour.
  3. With the section on clinical cases makes it an “all-in-one” book for Obstetrics and Gynecology.
  4. Also included are simple figures that are essential for the examinations.
  5. Chapter-wise questions from previous exams given at the end of each chapter to help identify High-yield topics.
  6. All chapters have been thoroughly revised and updated.
  7. The book has been made reader-friendly compared to its previous edition.

Contents of the book:

Preface to 4th Edition 
Preface to 1st Edition     
          Section A – Clinical Cases
Case – 1     Anemia in Pregnancy
Case – 2     Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (Pre-Eclampsia)
Case – 3     Previous Caesarean Section    
Case – 4     Rh Negative Pregnancy    
Case – 5     Heart Disease in Pregnancy – 1    
Case – 6     Heart Disease in Pregnancy – 2    
Case – 7     Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding    
Case – 8     Fibroid Uterus    
Case – 9     Uterine Prolapse    
Section B – Theory
Chapter – 1     Anatomy of Female Reproductive Organs
Chapter – 2     Fundamentals of Reproduction    
Chapter – 3     Placenta and the Membranes 
Chapter – 4     Fetus
Chapter – 5     Physiological Changes During Pregnancy     
Chapter – 6     Endocrinology in Relation to Reproduction    
Chapter – 7     Diagnosis of Pregnancy 
Chapter – 8     Fetus-in-Utero     
Chapter – 9     Fetal Skull and Maternal Pelvis    
Chapter – 10     Antenatal Care    
Chapter – 11     Antenatal Assessment of Fetal Well-Being 
Chapter – 12     Normal Labor 
Chapter – 13     Normal Puerperium 
Chapter – 14     Vomiting in Pregnancy 
Chapter – 15     Hemorrhage in Early Pregnancy 
Chapter – 16     Multiple Pregnancy, Hydramnios and Abnormalities of Placenta and Cord    
Chapter – 17     Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy     
Chapter – 18     Antepartum Hemorrhage     
Chapter – 19     Medical and Surgical Illness Complicating Pregnancy
Chapter –  20     Gynecological Disorders in Pregnancy     
Chapter  – 21     Preterm Labor, Preterm Rupture of the Membranes, Postmaturity, Intrauterine 
        Death of the Fetus    
Chapter – 22     Special Cases     
Chapter – 23     Contracted Pelvis    
Chapter – 24     Abnormal Uterine Action     
Chapter – 25     Malposition, Malpresentation and Cord Prolapse    
Chapter – 26     Prolonged Labor, Obstructed Labor, Dystocia Caused by Fetal Anomalies    
Chapter – 27     Complications of the Third Stage of Labor    
Chapter – 28     Injuries to the Birth Canal     
Chapter – 29     Abnormalities of the Puerperium 
Chapter – 30     The Term Newborn Infant     
Chapter – 31     Low Birth Weight Baby    
Chapter – 32     Diseases of the Fetus and the Newborn     
Chapter – 33     Pharmacotherapeutics in Obstetrics    
Chapter – 34     Induction of Labor    
Chapter – 35     Operative Obstetrics    
Chapter – 36     Safe Motherhood, Epidemiology of Obstetrics
Chapter – 37     Special Topics in Obstetrics    
Chapter – 38     Aids to Diagnosis in Obstetrics    
Section C – Theory 
Chapter – 1    Anatomy    
Chapter – 2    Normal Histology    
Chapter – 3    Physiology    
Chapter – 4    Pediatric Gynecology, Adolescent Problems and Puberty 
Chapter – 5    Menopause, Premature Menopause, Postmenopausal Bleeding    
Chapter – 6    Gynecological Diagnosis    
Chapter – 7    Malformations of the Female Generative Organs    
Chapter – 8    Sex and Intersexuality    
Chapter – 9    Diseases of the Vulva     
Chapter – 10    Diseases of the Vagina     
Chapter – 11    Sexually Transmitted Diseases in the Female
Chapter – 12    Tuberculosis of the Genital Tract    
Chapter – 13    Diseases of the Urinary System    
Chapter – 14    Genital Fistulae and Stress Urinary Incontinence    
Chapter – 15    Pathology of Conception
Chapter – 16    Birth Control and Medical Termination of Pregnancy    
Chapter – 17    Disorders of Menstruation    
Chapter – 18    Menorrhagia and Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding    
Chapter – 19    Hormonal Therapy in Gynecology    
Chapter – 20    Inflammation of the Uterus and the Cervix
Chapter – 21    Genital Prolapse    
Chapter – 22    Displacements     
Chapter – 23    Fibromyomas of the Uterus    
Chapter – 24    Disorders of the Ovary    
Chapter – 25    Gynecologic Oncology    
Chapter – 26    Pelvic Inflammatory Disease    
Chapter – 27    Chronic Pelvic Pain     
Chapter – 28    Disorders of Broad Ligament, Fallopian Tubes and Parametrium    
Chapter – 29    Endometriosis and Adenomyosis    
Chapter – 30    Endoscopy in Gynecology
Chapter – 31    Operative Gynecology     
Practicals – 1    Female Pelvis and Fetal Skull    
Practicals – 2    Instruments    
Practicals – 3    Kuppuswamy’s Socio Economic Status Scale
Practicals – 4    Calorie and Protein Content of Common Food Stuffs
        Annexure – University Examination Pattern    

About the Author:

Dr Deevish N D is well known for various study material prepared by him for the final year MBBS subjects. He has completed his MBBS and post graduation in General Surgery from the prestigious Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute, Bangalore. He then went on to pursue fellowship in Bio design from Stanford University, California, USA and All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. He is currently doing his superspeciality in plastic surgery at St. John's Medical College, Bangalore. A plastic surgeon by interest, Dr. Deevish has a passion to develop low-cost medical devices.

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